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Quatuor Brac - CD#2
Quatuor BRAC

Andrew Levine received the Goldener Bobby 2014, first prize in the category "classical / instrumental music" for his production of the second CD of Quatuor Brac.

"This recording mesmerizes through the vividness of its sound, the naturalness of the timbres, the absolutely realistic imaging of the instruments in the stereo panorama.

Apart from the breathtaking directness of the sonic textures, it is fascinating to perceive the artists' perfection, free from any disturbances. The enthralling sound event clearly is the result of a deliberate configuration by the recordist. Not only did he fulfill his function as a mediator in an ideal fashion, but also skillfully created an auditory perspective that transcends the sonic boundaries of the reception of a live event in the sense of the music, creating a level of music perception only realizable by a true master of his craft."

Prof. Bernhard Güttler (ETI HFM-Detmold), Christoph Franke (Creative Producer of the Berliner Philharmoniker) and Prof. René Möller (UDK Berlin)
Cologne, 11/21/2014
Presentation Goldener Bobby @ VDT International Convention 2014

Andrews Goldener Bobby